Pichardo Asset Management


PAM has experience offering investment advice on Mexican Stock Exchange-listed stocks using an in-house investment methodology that focuses on “Value”, “Growth” and “Special Situations” underpinned by sectorial, macro and global economic environment analyses.
Pam offer its independent advisory capacity for

  • Establish investment strategies in client's financial institutions. PAM is entitled exclusively to place trading instructions, the custody of cash and securities remains in the financial institution on behalf of the client.
  • Obtaining favorable trading conditions including operations trading commissions¬†

PAM offers its independent advisory capacity to:
Institutional Investors
PAM provides investment advice to institutional investors such as Close-End Funds, Mutual Funds, Pension Funds and Trusts, its advice includes:
Managed Accounts.
PAM offers to individual managed accounts a comprehensive advice for its assets in Mexico and / or abroad in order to consolidate its Investments under the same strategy. Access to capital preservation platforms offered by global investment firms

PAM provides its clients with the following advice:

  • Investment strategies that reflect their policies and horizon.
  • Portfolio composition based on PAM’s methodology while avoiding conflicts of interest.
  • Discipline and consistency with respect to investment strategies and policies.
  • Highly diversified portfolio assets.
  • Proactive investment advice.
  • Registration of daily investment portfolio movements.
  • Daily valuation of the client portfolio.
  • Reconciliation of the client portfolio with stock market intermediaries.
  • Calculation of returns.
  • Monthly client portfolio operating and errors or omissions report.