Pichardo Asset Management


Pichardo Asset Management, PAM, is an Independent Portfolio Management Firm that understands international investors’ needs…

Our investment philosophy avoids speculative trading searching for value and taking advantage of opportunities in the market to the benefit of its clientele.

During the 1990 – 2002 period, PAM´s Certified Advisors served as portfolio managers for a total of US $600 million at Citibank-Banamex – Accival

Fund US $ 600 million
The Mexico Equity and Income Fund $ 100
The Maya Fund $ 50
The Emerging Mexico Fund $ 80
The Latin America Investment Trust $ 100
The Mexican Investment Company $ 80
The Latin America Equity Fund Inc. $ 80
Hercules NAFTA Value US$ Fund $ 60
The Mexican Appreciation Fund, N.V. $ 20
Latin America Capital Partners Limited $ 30